Men’s Shopping Tips In Lockdown

April 23, 2020 2 min read

Essential stores selling groceries may still be open, but men all over the country will soon be crying out for their favourite retailers to re-open so they don’t let their fashion credentials slide - even in isolation.

As the government has announced the Lockdown will continue until May at least, guys will need all the advice they can get on how to stay on top of trends and look their best, even if they haven’t got anyone they can show themselves off to!

GQ Magazine recommends looking for sales pieces, which is a good option as retailers are unlikely to be restocking their collections for the time-being.

What’s more, there are plenty of deals to be had on the internet, which is why online shopping is bound to surge over the next few weeks.

“Men’s sales can provide ample opportunity to build a comprehensive wardrobe” the article stated, adding that “the key is not to be drawn to trends on their way out.”

It recommended picking up Adidas SC Premiere trainers, which are available at a steal for just £63 at These white tennis shoes are a great choice for an “everyday trainer”, able to complement any pair of trousers or shorts during the warmer months.

A Reiss polo shirt for £55 is also a bargain, as this style will never go out of fashion and will be a hit next spring, even if nobody gets to see it this year!

And of course getting a set of men’s designer underwear trunks is also a good idea, as these will last the distance so you don’t have to keep ordering more if the Lockdown lasts longer than expected ("gulp"!).

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