What’s your WFH style - Pants or PJs?!

April 29, 2020 1 min read

We're living in strange, unprecedented times, with many of us now working from home and adjusting to a new way of coping with self-isolation. Few of us will miss the morning commute, and the temptation to use our new-found morning freedom to stay in bed a little longer is strong!

But sliding out of bed and sitting at a makeshift desk in the PJs we just slept in is a temptation we must all resist. Men’s loungewear and underwear are usually more designed for function over style, but while you may not want to be seen in ‘lingerie for men’, there are some stylish yet comfortable options for those Zoom meetings - such as our designer boxer briefs for men!

For loungewear lovers, the next few months certainly provide the opportunity to avoid getting properly dressed. But opting for the right sort of loungewear is vital to success. You may not need to wear a suit, or jeans, or even pants (!), but it is time to trade up those tattered trackies for a debonair dressing gown, or a super-cool kaftan.

Not only that, but getting into a routine of getting up at a regular time, washing, and dressing for the workday (even if just swapping those smelly PJs for loungewear) can help you stay mentally fit and healthy. Dress for comfort, but having a set of clothing for work helps keep work and home separate.

But if all that fails and you do end up staying in your PJs all day, at least make sure they’re so damn good the Deliveroo driver asks where they’re from!

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